Christine Fava

I work in Digital Media, my role is to understand all I can about our customers, so I am able to design marketing and messages strategies.

christine fava moneclat

Which is your favourite Gadget? (Phones don’t count)

My Fitbit!

Favourite mon éclat piece?

The C initial gold pendant.

Favourite breakfast?

Nutella and strawberries Crepe (for when I feel I deserve a special breakfast!)

What inspires you most about the world of tech?

The advancements we have done in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, the fact that our systems can learn about everyone we connect with and can be placed in a profile for targeting. Restrictions on data collection are on the increase, which is fair, but there are always new forms of technology to help overcome the challenges of collecting data in a way which is fair to our customers. Such technology makes digital marketing the most successful method to reach your audience and guide them to what they are looking for.

Can you give us a brief summary of what your role is?

I work in Digital Media, my role is to understand all I can about our customers, so I am able to design marketing strategies and messages in a way that would benefit our end customers. I personally love data and the whole marketing ecosystem, and optimize performance of our efforts using the latest cutting edge technologies.

christine fava moneclat

Throughout your studies and career, did you ever feel your gender made a difference in your’s and others’ perceptions or with your relationships with your colleagues?

When I was younger, I believe this did have affect on my self confidence. I felt I had to work harder and had to do more to prove what I’m worth and what I can deliver, when compared to my male colleagues. However I’m grateful that I've had the opportunity to work in international companies over the past 14 years ranging from software to gaming, where I was trusted and promoted due to the results achieved. Due to this, I never felt I was treated differently as a result of my gender.

Why do you think many women don’t opt for a career in tech?

There is a perception that if you love tech, data and other fun geeky things, then "its best left to the boys" or that you’re sometimes labelled a little bit of a nerd who loves staying in, playing games and so forth. I think we need to change our perception and encourage more women to take up tech as a first choice career option, tech should not be divided by gender, but rather for the love of logic, science and building fun and exciting things, be it in software, marketing campaigns or even social media.

Small message to all those young girls wondering whether a career in tech would be a good choice for them.

A career is something you must love in order to excel. Don’t let any predisposed perceptions prevent you from doing something you enjoy, if you love it, do it.


Excellent well done keep it up.

Anthony DeBono March 22, 2021

You really made us proud. You really amaze us how you manage to cope with work and your family. You are amazing. Keep up your good work. ♥️♥️

Yvette Debono March 22, 2021

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