Dana Farrugia

Dana spearheads the promotion of the tech sector at a national level and seeks sectorial growth both through new investments.

Favourite breakfast?


What inspires you most about the world of tech?

That change happens fast and is inevitable!

Can you give us a brief summary of what your role is?

My role is that of spearheading the promotion of the tech sector at a national level and to seek sectorial growth both internally within our economy and by attracting foreign direct investment.

Throughout your studies and career, did you ever feel your gender made a difference in your’s and others’ perceptions or with your relationships with your colleagues?

No, I have never felt that gender made a difference.

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Why do you think many women don’t opt for a career in tech?

It’s a blend between a conscious choice because they are interested in other sectors or because the topic was not promoted enough at a younger age. However, I believe that any girl who develops a passion for ICT/engineering or other tech related subjects can succeed and have a very fruitful career.

Small message to all those young girls wondering whether a career in tech would be a good choice for them.

Be the change you want to see, with a career in tech you can change the world.

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