How to Keep Your Jewellery Looking AWESOME!

Have you ever bought a fabulous piece of jewellery only to have it loose it's shine and lustre after only a few weeks/months? #knowYourMetals

Have you ever bought a fabulous piece of jewellery only to have it loose it's shine and lustre after only a few weeks/months?

Yes? Well we are here to help you avoid this sad, rather sad, very sad experience.

First off let's start with #knowYourMetals. To be able to care for your jewellery properly, the starting point is for you to understand what the jewellery you own is made of. If we focus on gold-coloured jewellery, this can generally be one of the following:

  • Solid Gold 14kt / 18kt / 24kt 
  • 925 Sterling Silver with Gold Plating  (we sell this!)
  • Stainless Steel with Gold Plating (we sell this!)
  • Brass with Gold Plating

1. Solid Gold 14kt / 18kt / 24kt

Solid Gold is the most expensive and precious metal used in jewellery. You're looking at prices in the hundreds and thousands depending on both the actual weight of gold as well as the intricate work that may have gone into it. Vintage solid gold pieces may be even pricier due to their scarcity. This is the only material that is fully resistant to perfumes, chlorinated water, sanitisers, soap and so forth.

2. 925 Sterling Silver with Gold Plating

Sterling Silver is also an expensive and somewhat precious metal. It is also by nature a softer material so it needs a delicate touch. It's a beautiful metal that will always retain its shine properties and can be moulded into some gorgeous intricate designs and used in combination with sparkly zirconias, precious stones. It is also considered a precious metal, meaning there will always be a value attached to the actual silver itself. However, it also comes with a few caveats - silver can oxidise and change colour (turn a pinkish or darker colour) when exposed to perfumes, body acid, sweat, sanitiser, chlorine and so forth. Such exposure could also cause the gold plating to 'come off' much faster than would otherwise be expected. The good thing is that underneath the plating, 925 Sterling Silver is well, silver and shiny :D and really very pretty so your jewellery will still remain wearable just not with that yellow gold-fever colour. Worth keeping in mind that there is always the option to re-plate 925 SS and restore that shiny gold finish if you would want to.   

3. Stainless Steel with Gold Plating

Stainless Steel is a harder material - no delicate touches required here and it is by nature more resistant to abuse than 925 Sterling Silver. It is also a heavier material and cannot be used for more intricate designs especially those involving lots of shiny zirconias. It is still advised to keep such jewellery away from perfume, chlorinated water, soaps and sanitisers but it will not oxidise and in terms of gold plating longevity, it will be more resistant than 925 SS with gold plating. Over time, even with proper care, the plating will eventually start to wear off and the matte steel will then be exposed. This is why we still advise taking good care of it even it is a hardy material, so as to increase its longevity. At mon éclat all our stainless steel jewellery is made from the highest grade of stainless steel to ensure maximum durability, this is known as 316L or "marine grade" and is also the primary metal used in shipping & other maritime functions. 

4. Brass with Gold Plating

Brass is also a commonly used material. It is a gorgeous, lightweight material that can be used for intricate designs without incurring the higher cost of 925 Sterling Silver. It is also a far more delicate material and is not resistant to water, perfume, chlorine, sanitisers; these would cause the gold plating to lift off and the metal to darken.

Here at mon éclat we stock pieces in 925 Sterling Silver and 316L Stainless Steel. Whichever metal you opt for, we always recommend to store our jewellery in the pouch and box we have given you and to keep all pieces away from water, perfume, sanitisers, chlorine and so forth.

#knowYourMetals keep them dry, keep them safe!


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