Jade & Lexie

Jade and Lexie. Two multi-career, ambitious women with impeccable style who always remember to smile and be kind and generous.

Name & Age

Jade you juggle between being a Software Engineer & a content creator. Lexie you juggle between being a Notary & a content creators. Both of you which is your greatest passion and how do you juggle both?

Jade: It's a very hard question and I don't think I can choose one, if I could choose I probably would have stopped one of them by now and focused entirely on the other. How I manage to juggle is literally time management and ensuring i make time for both without letting one interfere into the other. Both and that's why I've kept doing both.

Lexie: I honestly can’t choose between them - I love the contrast between the 2! When it comes to juggling both, that’s definitely something I struggle with, but I try to manage my time as best I can!

Would you travel everyday if you could or do you enjoy being rooted?

Jade: I love travelling but I love coming back home. My ideal would be one week a month abroad and 3 weeks home in Malta.

Lexie: I love traveling, and try to travel as often as I possibly can. But I also love being home & being rooted - so it’s a balance between the two that works best for me

Favourite jewellery item from mon éclat

Jade: Pearl Letter J Necklace - always wearing it :D

Lexie: It would have to be my Collared chain - it’s one of the first items I ever bought from the brand & still wear it all the time!

Favourite piercing hole and why?

Jade: Rook piercing because the healing time was short and sweet.

Lexie: My first lobe piercings, definitely! I love wearing earrings & those are the piercings that I change up most often.




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