Jade Zammit Stevens

I am a full stack developer - I code both on backend & frontend to develop in house marketing tools.

Which is your favourite Gadget? (Phones don’t count)

Does my ipad count? I use it for everything..reading, looking up inspiration for my brand, editing videos, netflix etc..

Favourite mon éclat piece?

Ladies who brunch earrings!

Favourite breakfast?

Poached eggs with bacon and avocado.

What inspires you most about the world of tech?

It's versatility!

Can you give us a brief summary of what your role is?

I am a full stack developer - I code both on backend & frontend to develop in house marketing tools.

Throughout your studies and career, did you ever feel your gender made a difference in your’s and others’ perceptions or with your relationships with your colleagues?

At work - no not at all, I work with a lot of women and never felt like I was singled out. During my studies, quite a bit just because I was one of the only 2 women in my class so everything you say/ do stands out and is memorable so you end up feeling unnecessary pressure. Even missing a class for example, if it were a male student, no one would notice, but if it was one of us two, it's immediately noticeable.


Why do you think many women don’t opt for a career in tech?

I think previously, it was because they didn't really think it was an option but I see it changing alot now. I see more and more women choosing that path.

Small message to all those young girls wondering whether a career in tech would be a good choice for them.

For me, Maths & Computing were always the subjects I was good at so choosing that career was a clear option. Therefore, my message would be that if you love these subjects and find this area interesting, go for it! There are so many work opportunities and different options that you can never get bored!

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