Love the Box!

Return your mon éclat pink boxes for cash vouchers that can be redeemed online on your next purchase!

mon eclat pink box

Many of you have let us know how dearly you love our packaging and in particular our pink boxes. Many of you have also let us know that you feel we would love our environment more if we reduced our packaging leading to less potential waste and feelings of guilt on your side.

Our current logistics setup does not allow us to reduce packaging right now but because we want to be as sustainable as possible, reduce waste and also give back as much as possible to YOU our community, we have created a scheme with you and sustainability at the forefront.

LOVE THE BOX! is a brand new scheme designed to reward you when you give us back your pretty boxes.

How to Return the Boxes

  1. Collect your pink boxes
  2. Drop us a line at to let us know you would like to return boxes. We'll send you a short form to fill in.
  3. You may choose to either give back the pink boxes to the courier upon delivery of your next order or drop them off at our drop off point. **This service is currently only available for residents in Malta and Gozo.
  4. We'll send you a cash voucher via e-mail that you can use on your next purchase. Kindly allow a 5-7 working days for processing.

Cash Voucher System

  • 1-2 Boxes = 3€ Cash Voucher
  • 3-5 Boxes = 8€ Cash Voucher
  • 6 Boxes+ = 15€ Cash Voucher

• • •


How long does it take to process my voucher after returning the boxes?
5-7 working days.

Can I return the boxes without placing an order?
Yes you can choose to drop off the boxes at our drop-off point in Malta Niumee.

If I have more than 6 boxes, can I claim multiple vouchers?
Currently, we don't offer this, as our vouchers are capped to 15€. Alternatively, you can return additional boxes on separate occasions.

Have more questions?
Contact our team on and they'll gladly offer further assistance.

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Great initiative! Prosit.

Dori Kjäldström November 14, 2022

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