Martina Zammit

Martina leads a team, providing direction with the aim of bringing about change by creating educational and informative content for all to see. 

Which is your favourite Gadget? (Phones don’t count)

I’m split between my coffee machine and my AirPods, both of which I can’t live without, but given that I value good coffee so much, my coffee machine holds a very special place in my heart.

Favourite mon éclat piece?

I love ‘The Call of the Horn’, particularly because it symbolises determination, a quality that can get you far in life!

Favourite breakfast?

Right now I’m really enjoying my healthy Granola; I normally add some fresh banana or strawberries. It’s a nutritious, wholesome breakfast that gives me my much-needed fuel to face the day.

What inspires you most about the world of tech?

What I find truly fascinating is the humanisation of technology; in marketing, for example, humanising a technology brand is something that I find extremely inspiring.

Can you give us a brief summary of what your role is?

At GADGETS, I lead a team of 10 people, providing guidance and direction with the aim of bringing about change by creating educational and informative content for the public at large. We work to offer an entertaining, easy and inspiring means of grasping technology and technological developments. Our aim is to make anything related to innovation and technology as attractive and accessible as possible to people who are far from tech gurus. We reach our audiences via our TV, web and social media platforms.

Throughout your studies and career, did you ever feel your gender made a difference in your’s and others’ perceptions or with your relationships with your colleagues?

Being young (at the time) and being two women (I set up VSQUARED with Rachel Cachia) may have been tough to convince people that we meant business and that we were determined about what we were doing. But we chose to use our gender to our advantage. Being women, we felt we could bring out ‘the emotional side’ to this industry; when it comes to video specifically, the emotional side of things definitely brings about better results in putting your message across.

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Why do you think many women don’t opt for a career in tech?

This is of course a multi-faceted issue – there are societal and cultural issues, followed by elements in our educational system that still need to change. Additionally, I feel that because the number of women in the tech industry is very small, a woman working in this field ends up being one of very few, if not the only woman in the office. This can be somewhat intimidating to some women and can cause them to hold themselves back from attending important networking and industry events.

Small message to all those young girls wondering whether a career in tech would be a good choice for them.

Think like a man – I’m joking of course! I would encourage girls to stop doubting themselves and to just go for it if they’re passionate about technology. My advice would be: ‘Believe in yourself; it’s okay to make mistakes, move forward anyway and don’t be anxious about not having all the perfect answers. This is your time. Like the world, the marketplace is your oyster.

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