Women DO Tech #TechIsGenderless

Let's push forward acceptance that an aptitude for tech and a fondness for fashion and style can coexist.

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Women's Day is a chance for women to unite and share experiences and pain points, to move forward together towards common goals. Here at mon éclat, as a predominantly digital company, we have focused on the Tech industry and the brilliant women working in it.

I have studied and worked within the Tech industry for over 20 years. I joined the industry at a time when female presence was next to none both at university and in industry. Women joining the field were looked at in surprise, and sometimes also with a measure of disdain.

The fact that I loved fashion and it grew into being an important part of my life was all the more baffling to my predominantly male colleagues. Whilst attitude and perception has improved over the last years, the numbers still lag behind. Female presence in Tech courses and Tech teams still tends to be very much on the low side and even in industry, the entire industry remains largely male dominated and even more so at the senior levels.

It has been a dream of mine to create and run such a campaign for a long time. My own personal experience and involvement in the industry has made it one of my key personal goals. My dream is to help push forward the notion of a genderless tech industry, to show that fashion and style loving females also  work successfully in Tech. mon éclat can hopefully be a part of encouraging this change and helping to build towards his future. 

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Together we can do this

Let's dismiss the notion of the stereotype geeky male working in Tech. 

Let's push forward the idea of women in heels or trainers running Tech departments.

Let's drive acceptance that an aptitude for Tech and a fondness for fashion and style can coexist.

Let's level out the playing field and look to all genders for senior roles in tech.

Let's empower young girls to study in Tech. 

Let's enable women to be the best version of themselves!

Hear it from these Fabulous Women!

We want to level out the field but that doesn't mean to imply there aren't already fabulous women working within the tech industry. There are! Intelligent, smart women who also love jewellery and style. Women who are comfortable having a discussion about the latest trends in tech and without batting an eyelid moving onto a conversation about art and fashion. Meet our Women in Tech.

dana farrugia moneclat

Dana Farrugia

CEO of Tech.mt

"Be the change you want to see, with a career in tech you can change the world."

Read Dana's full interview here.

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christine fava moneclat

Christine Fava

Head of Media

"A career is something you must love in order to excel. Don’t let any predisposed perceptions prevent you from doing something you enjoy, if you love it, do it."

Read Christine's full interview here.

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jade zammit stevens moneclat

Jade Zammit Stevens

Full Stack Developer

"There are so many work opportunities and different options that you can never get bored!"

Read Jade's full interview here.

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tamara caligari moneclat

Tamara Caligari

Product Tracking Manager

"In my experience I have found that if you are diligent in your work, you will be respected and valued for your contribution, regardless of your gender."

Read Tamara's full interview here.

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nadine bugeja moneclat

Nadine Bugeja

Software Architect

"Everybody should learn to program a computer, because it teaches you how to think.” - Steve Jobs

Read Nadine's full interview here.

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martina zammit moneclat

Martina Zammit

CEO of Gadgets

"Believe in yourself; it’s okay to make mistakes, move forward anyway and don’t be anxious about not having all the perfect answers. This is your time. Like the world, the marketplace is your oyster."

Read Martina's full interview here.

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