The CrownThe Crown

The Crown

From 22€
Micro HoopsMicro Hoops

Micro Hoops

From 19€
Winning StarWinning Star

Winning Star

From 22€
Dotted LineDotted Line

Dotted Line

From 21€
La CroixLa Croix

La Croix

From 28€
Half MoonHalf Moon

Half Moon

From 22€
Dotty TriangleDotty Triangle

Dotty Triangle

From 19€
A Hoop With A SparkleA Hoop With A Sparkle
Candy SwirlCandy Swirl

Candy Swirl

From 24€
The Solid CrossThe Solid Cross

The Solid Cross

From 22€
Winning SmileWinning Smile

Winning Smile

From 22€
Split MoonSplit Moon

Split Moon

From 19€
Mon ChienMon Chien

Mon Chien

From 22€


From 22€
The Med StudThe Med Stud
The Hugger in SIlverThe Hugger in SIlver
The HuggerThe Hugger

The Hugger

Mini HoopsMini Hoops

Mini Hoops

The Small StudThe Small Stud
Sparkles of SparklesSparkles of Sparkles
The Large StudThe Large Stud

The Large Stud

From 20€


From 24€
La lune a L'étoileLa lune a L'étoile
Tiara for a QueenTiara for a Queen

Tiara for a Queen

From 32€
Tiara for a Queen in SilverTiara for a Queen in Silver
Le CœurLe Cœur

Le Cœur

From 28€
La LuneLa Lune

La Lune

From 26€
Le TriangleLe Triangle

Le Triangle

From 26€
Mystic SparkleMystic Sparkle
Little Gold SparkleLittle Gold Sparkle
Little Silver SparkleLittle Silver Sparkle
Side of ShineSide of Shine

Side of Shine

From 32€

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