We are mon éclat, a brand on a mission.
A mission with a set goal to encourage individuality and to inspire each and every one of you to shine brighter than the morning star.

Our brand name itself speaks about finding one’s inner shine and light and we set out to build a community; a place where style, fashion and jewellery lovers come together to express themselves through our jewellery. We not only want to bring you jewellery that is accessible to each one of you, we also want to help you develop your own personal style through layering and different forms of curation.

"We have placed style and quality equally at the top of our pyramid and our promise to you is to never compromise on either.."

So ladies and gents let’s set forth, in our best shoes and Sunday clothes of course - on this journey together. Wear our pieces, enjoy them, and remember to always shine as bright as a diam… the sparkly stars so high above.


Caroline Paris is a self-confessed preacher stylist and blogger who has always encouraged her readers to be creative and try (lots) of new things.