Here at mon éclat we take piercings VERY seriously and as such we have not only a whole collection dedicated to them and wanted to share some important things to note before selecting your next piercing. 

1. Piercings add Style & Beauty

We believe that piercings when done right add both style and beauty to the wearer's appearance. 

2. No Piercing Guns

We believe that piercings guns should be abolished. Seriously, did you know that piercing upper parts of the ear with a gun could easily lead to serious damage and insane amounts of pain for many, many months? A gun can be used to pierce the 'earlobe fatty' part but the rest of the ear has bone. This bone can shatter really easily with the impact of a gun. Don't, just don't.

3. Find the Best Piercer

Find a piercer who genuinely has a passion for piercings. It's important to find honest piercers who can share with you all that they know and guide you on which piercing is best to wear on your ear. 

4. We Love all Ear Curations

We believe that there's no such thing as a bad ear curation but some ear curation ideas can melt your heart.

5. Know your Piercing

We believe that piercings get irritated (post-healing time) mainly because the wrong piece of jewellery is worn in that hole. Not all earring styles are designed to be worn anywhere and whilst your friend might be able to get away with it and live pain free, others, especially if the jewellery is not removed at bedtime, might experience pain. 

6. Know your Metals

Not all Metals behave the same - 925 Sterling Silver whilst soft beautiful and allows some intricate detailing can oxidise over time and this will case the bar to darken. You can read up all about how to choose your piercing metal and how to clean them over here.

So there you have it guys & gals the mon éclat piercing Bylaws.

So let's get down to the holey business shall we - these are the main piercing types we are catering for right now, we have grand plans for more in the coming months but these are happening right here, right now.


The Jewels Themselves

Because we want you live a happy pain-free life here are our top recommendations on which of the mon éclat earrings can be worn where.

Standard Lobe and Upper Lobe

Anything and everything from the earrings section but here's a tip - don't push butterfly clips all the way in as this causes strain on the piercing and can widen the hole. 

All other piercings have cartilage aka bone so when wearing studs we recommend wearing mainly barbell studs with a thicker rod, this will stop the piercing hole from narrowing (which can happen when you wear regular studs) and the barbell ensures the piercing is secure. Our barbell back is a screw model, offering the right security and comfort to your ear. 


We recommends both hoops or studs, we chose:


We recommends mainly studs such as:


We recommends both hoops or studs, we chose:

Forward Helix and Outer Conch

We recommends something smaller, we chose: 


Download this infographic and share the love for our piercing Bylaws